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  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Cambridge

    The Cambridge Arts and Humanities Impact Fund (AHIF) provides flexible funding to support and enhance the impact of Arts and Humanities research. The Arts and Humanities Impact Fund (AHIF) aims to enhance the non-academic impact of arts and humanities research at the University of Cambridge.
  • European Research Council
    University of Aberdeen
  • European Research Council / University of Aberdeen

    “Past and Present Musical Encounters Across the Strait of Gibraltar” MESG_758221, is a five-year project funded by the European Research Council and based at the Universities of Aberdeen, Cambridge and Manchester. Combining archival research and fieldwork, the project brings together different geographical, linguistic and musical specialisms to explore the construction of a collective musical heritage between North Africa and Southern Europe.
  • With the encouragement & support of the Matanel Foundation
  • Matanel Foundation

    Matanel Foundation encourages and funds social entrepreneurship all over the world. It serves essentially as an incubator for new projects, working with them until they ultimately achieve full operation with the benefit of public support or with their own incomes.The Foundation works with people of diverse backgrounds, academic, professional, activists and others, who represent a wide range of trends and positions.

    KHOYA: Jewish Morocco Sound Archive was founded in 2012 as a repository for the sacred, secular, commercial and field recorded music and oral histories of Moroccan Jews and Muslims on the country’s Jewish presence, providing micro-histories within the general community. What was once one of the largest Jewish communities in the world has reached a small percentage of its original number in recent decades.The Sound Archive aims to provide accessibility to a wide range of Jewish sounds, memories and repertoires that are increasingly difficult to access for younger generations.
  • Mimouna Association
  • Mimouna Association

    Mimouna Foundation is cultural non-profit association created in 2007 by young Muslim students willing to promote and preserve the Jewish-Moroccan heritage. The Association has since expanded these activities on a national level in order to engage in the education of the Moroccan youth about the Moroccan Jewish heritage. In a context where intolerance and extremism are rampant, Mimouna, as a Citizen Patriot Association, would like to contribute to the preserving and strengthening of the plural Moroccan identity.
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  • Collaborators

    This multilingual platform could not have been done without the invaluable collaboration for the videos, photographs, texts, logistics and translations of these talented individuals:
    Sultana Azeroual Albert Azeroual Suzanne Azeroual
    Izza Abu Haija Myriam Alila Mustafa Beg Marie Benhamou Maroi Ech-charkaouy Maurice Elbaz Prof. Katharine Ellis Huw Jones Jean Khalfa Odelia Laine Fatym Layachi Delphine Mordey Houda Ouggadoum Noémie Serfaty Taya Ma Shere Jonas Sibony Veronika Lorenser